User Guide

Components of a Narrative:

  1. ID: Each narrative is marked with an ID. Searches can be performed based on the ID.
  2. Synopsis: Each narrative has a synopsis which summarizes the points of interest.
  3. Categories and Subcategories: Each narrative belongs to one or more categories and subcategories. The categories are Classroom, Extra-curricular, Motivation and Reading. Users can browse the archive according to the categories and subcategories.
  4. Tags: A narrative may contain multiple keywords such as book or movie titles, names of authors and countries visited. To find all the narratives associated with a particular tag, go to Index pages of the archive.

Browse the Archive:

  1. Categories and Subcategories
    To browse the archive using this method, go to Categories on navigation menu and then select the desired categories or subcategories in the dropdown menu.
  2. Media Collection
    To browse the archive by the media type, go to Media Collections on the navigation menu and then select Audio, Text, or Video in the dropdown menu.
  3. Index
    To browse the archive according to Authors, Movie or TV titles, Readings, or Tags, go to Index on the navigation menu and then select the desired index page.
  4. Related Narratives
    To view selective narratives based on tags related to the one you are browsing, click on a narrative under Related Stories.
    To explore narratives with similar subcategories to the one you are browsing, click on a subcategory under the narrative ID.

Search the Archive:

  1. Quick Search
    To perform a quick search, click on Search this archive… (the Quick Searchbar) on the top right of any page and then enter keyword(s) or narrative ID.
  2. Advanced Search
    To perform an advanced search, click on Advanced Search on the navigation menu. On the Advanced Search page, select one or more search criteria and enter keyword (optional). Then click Search button.