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Basic Information

Project leader: Dr Klaudia Lee (City University of Hong Kong)
Project co-investigators: Dr Andy Gao (University of Hong Kong), Dr John Trent (Education University of Hong Kong)
Chief transcriber: Dr John Patkin
Research assistants: Mr Kenny Luk, Ms Trace Chui
Web manager: Ms Carmen Au
Associate member: Dr Alice Chik (Macquarie University)

Project duration: September 2014 – August 2016
Composition: 3000 narratives
Data nature: Audio and video interviews, written narratives
Collection method: Random sampling on Hong Kong university campuses

How to Cite

HALL. 2016. Principal Investigator: Klaudia Lee; Researchers: Gao Xuesong, John Trent, John Patkin. (date of last access).

Publications related to the HALL project:

Lee, K., & Patkin, J. (2017). Building the digital archive of Hong Kong English learning: Methodology, challenges and reflection. System, 25, 61-68.
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Lee, Klaudia H.Y. (2016). Audience Response and from Film Adaptation to Reading Literature. CLCWeb: Comparative Literature and Culture. Thematic Issue: New Work in the Empirical Study of Literature and Culture. 18:2.

Lee, K., & Patkin, J. (2016). Reading as experience: literature, response and imagination. Changing English: Studies in Culture and Education, 23(1), 67-76.
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